The large or small house that is, ancient or modern, in the city or hidden in the countryside, is a shell that protects us from the outside world and that must transmit us hospitality and well-being.

The layout of the spaces, the choice of finishes, the position of the lights, the furniture as well as the decoration are all the means we have available to contribute to this result.
The figure of the Interior Designer knows how to orchestrate all these means, suggesting to the client a selection of ideas that satisfy his personal taste.

For this reason it is necessary to establish a relationship with home owners, albeit a professional one, also of confidence, in the freedom to express one's desires and also in the confidence of being advised by a more trained eye.

Over the years, with changes in needs, lifestyles and the evolution of taste, our homes lend themselves to follow new restiling faces, like a tailored suit, to satisfy the most particular and customized needs.

Chiara Maspero

Daughter of art, she was born in Reggio Emilia in 1979. Her artistic and naturalistic training allowed her to always unite the two worlds, drawing inspiration from both. She attended training courses in the European school of Venice, worked in London with a famous master and restorer of lacquers of the Victoria and Albert Museum and attended the yards alongside his mother from a young age.
The great passion for animals and nature takes her to Africa, where she has measured herself as an Interior Designer of luxury lodges in the savannah. Back to Italy, she moved her laboratory and showroom from the frenetic Milan to Biella, where she gets inspired by nature and an invigorating slow-life.

Chiara Maspero Portrait


You can find Chiara in Biella (Italy),
via di Serralunga 2

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