The House is a shell that protects us from the outside world. It is a welcome, well-being, harmony.

The layout of the spaces, the choice of finishes, the position of the lights, the furniture and decoration: these are the words we use to compose the discourse of living.

Villa in Ragusa — Quadrature Interiors — 12
Home in Milano — Quadrature Interiors

Quadrature accompanies you all the way to your new space and living expirience: from the preliminary study to the sketches, from the search for samples and specimens to the direction of the works, up to the realization of the project.


Full-service design of the interiors of houses, apartments, villas and gardens.

Styling and restyling, furnishing and improvement of rooms, spaces and premises.

Retrieval, realization and restoration of furniture, furnishings, decorations and personalized and unique objects.


Taking advantage of the techniques of the Masters of the past and exploiting cutting-edge technologies and materials, maintaining direct contact with the authentic spirit of craftsmanship and the uniqueness of the project.


We firmly believe that the knowledge of traditional handcraft skills and techniques must remain alive to continue to tell a fascinating and powerful story in the homes of those who still know how to dream.

Living room of Le Selve — Quadrature Interiors


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A decoration, hand painted papers and furnishings by Quadrature Interiors


Vintage doors and carved writing desks, glazings and armchairs, abat-jour and trompe-l'œil, papier paint and gold leaf: get inspired ⟼